fredag 15 augusti 2014

I´m still here. Really here, actually.

I´m still here. I´m not just sure what to do with this blog at the moment. I miss writing here, I really do, but I can´t think of anything meaningful to share with you right now. I will continue to write here one day, I´m sure, I mean, I love to write. But right now there are so many things going on with me and all those "things" need my full attention and awareness.

I´m not sad. I´m not confused. Nothing special really happened, actually. Accept that it did. Sounds crazy, I know, but it´s the truth. Or it´s the only way I can put it anyway. I´m in a place where I really need to be right now, and that means I also have to give it my whole attention. I want to be right here and right now, watching and feeling it all.

It´s such an amazing experience. All this. So much going on inside of me. All I want to do is keep going with it and see where it takes me.

For the first time in my life I don´t feel like I need answers, cause an answer will only give me more questions. I just feel like keeping an open mind. Letting go. Accepting what is. Not judging nor putting labels on everything and everyone.


That´s where I´m at. I´m just being here. And maybe that´s why I feel like I don´t have anything interesting to write about.

People may think I´m crazy, that I´ve gone mad or something. And well, that´s fine. Cause, what other people think of me, is none of my business. The only thing that matters is what I think and feel about me. And I feel wonderful! Wonderful! And I feel right.

Does it mean that I´m walking around laughing all the time, feeling happy, happy, happy? No, of course not. But I feel so alive and so in touch with everything within me. I feel like I´m getting to know myself, getting to know who I truly am.


I will keep doing all the above for a while. And maybe words will come to me one day. Words and picture that I want to share with you. But as for now, this is it. This is what I feel and this is what I want to share.

A quote keeps trying to get my attention these days and I think I now why, but actually I don´t really care to find out if I´m right. Like I said, I don´t need answers cause I can not, and I repeat, I can NOT bare another question.

This is the quote (I think it´s a great one by the way!);

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn´t hear the music."


Sharing some of my dearest picture before i post this.

Me and my boys <3

Love. Kissing. Guitar.

Yoga every day. Early mornings by the water is the best. The best ever! I love the silence and the stillness. I could practice for hours.

Meditation every day. Trying to teach my boys. They are are starting to get the hang of it...

Well, kind of...

Much love to all of you!